5 Places To Watch Out For Mold Growth


One of the most damaging things that can impact your home is mold. Mold is sneaky; it can grow and cause damage before you even see it or are aware that it is there. That is why it is so important as a homeowner to be aware of where mold may grow in your home, so you can keep out an eye for any signs of it and bring in a mold removal specialist if you ever even think you have mold in your home. 

Place #1: Bathroom 

The first place you should be on the lookout for mold is in the bathroom. A bathroom is full of moisture, and thus it is full of opportunities for mold to grow. The best way to prevent mold in the bathroom is to keep the room well-ventilated and clean.  

Check the inside of your toothbrush holder, under the bathmat, and even your towels. Anything that doesn't easily get dry could get mold on it. Check under the sink for mold and between the tiles in the shower. 

Place #2: Kitchen 

The kitchen is another place where mold can be found. You want to be careful with mold in the kitchen, as that is where you cook your food, and mold in the kitchen can be dangerous to your health. If you have a water leak in the kitchen, address it immediately. Watch out for mold under the sink, inside cabinets, and around any appliances that use water, such as the dishwasher and fridge.  

Place #3: Basement 

The basement is another popular place for mold to grow. Basements tend to be dark and moist, which is where mold often thrives. To prevent mold growth in your basement, run a dehumidifier. Be sure to check your basement regularly as mold often goes unchecked in the basement and can compromise the structure of your home. 

Place #4: Air Conditioner Vents 

If you have a duct system for your air conditioner or heater, you need to check inside the vents and ducts. Both vents and ducts have warm and cool air running through them, and moisture often builds up inside these places. They also tend to be dark. That is why you need to shine a light inside your vents and get them tested to ensure that mold isn't growing in this hidden location. 

Place #5: Under the Walls 

Mold can grow under the walls, behind the paneling, wallpaper, and wallboards. This generally happens if you have a water leak somewhere behind the scenes, such as from a pipe inside the walls or water leaking into your home from around a window or door.  

Mold can be really difficult to clean up and can cause a lot of monetary damage to your home. That is why you need to be aware of where mold could take root in your home. If you think you have mold in your home, be sure to bring in a mold removal service, such as Disaster Masters, to treat it. 


24 January 2022

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